The unpack, tune-up, warm-up loop

Selva crest cycling MallorcaWhen you arrive, you want to unpack your bike straight away, get it adjusted and give it a spin; you don’t just want to go up and down the street, you want to explore! This route is the first ride of your holiday in Mallorca, so it takes you somewhere new, while only being 17km long. The route takes you on a nice little circuit: you leave from Campanet and traverse along to Selva where you climb through the village to this crest.

view Selva to CaimariYou go under the arch at the top that hides the view from you, then turn a corner, go down around your first (very fast, sweeping) hairpin of the holiday, and the view across the hanging valley to Caimari hits you for the first time. You cross the valley up to Caimari (next time you do this you’ll keep going all the way up the pass), turning right in the village to meander back to Campanet via Binibona. The Campanet-Selva and Campanet-Caimari roads are well worth getting to know, as you’ll be doing them a few times on various routes (sometimes coming home, you might be riding the last few km alone, so it’s good to get these roads familiar immediately).

sweeping hairpin climb mallorcaIf you get back and there’s still time for more, do the route again in reverse straight away from memory, then you’ll really know the roads. Done in reverse, you’ll climb that first, sweeping hairpin—fit from all your pre-holiday training, you’ll feel super-strong as you climb around it! This is a good route to have up your sleeve if you want to do a quick 30min ride while your mates are faffing around over a slow breakfast.


The profile shows that it’s a very gentle roller of a route—just right to get the flight over out of your legs.




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Download file: Cam_Selv_Cai_Cam.gpx