Terms & Conditions


We ask for a 25% deposit when you book (or full payment if you book within 60 days of leaving). That secures your holiday.

Full Payment

We ask for full payment 60 days before you leave. Failure to pay the balance might result in your loosing your holiday and deposit.


If one of your party has to cancel, his/her payment will be refunded in full, provided the booking of the villa is not affected. If the cancellation of a member of the party drops the size of the group below the minimum number for the villa, then no refund can be given for the cancelled member: the group will need to pay the villa minimum even though they have fewer occupants.
If the whole group-booking of the villa is cancelled, then the following refunds can be given, depending on how many days in advance the holiday is cancelled:

more than 60 days: 75% refund
between 15 and 60 days: 50% refund
14 or fewer days: 0% refund

Insurance and health cover:

Cycling on open roads can be dangerous. Cycle Mallorca doesn’t offer any travel insurance cover; we strongly advises you to arrange sufficient travel insurance. While it lasts, UK cyclists can come with an NHS ECIH card (which entitles you to health care from the Spanish Health Service), available from www.ehic.org.uk.


We expect our customers to treat the villas they stay in with respect. By booking with us, you accept responsibility for any damage caused by you or any member of the party; full payment for such damage will be made directly to the villa owner. Should you fail to do so, you will be responsible for any subsequent claims made against us.

Changes by you to your booking:

We will try to accommodate any changes you want to make as best we can; should we be unable to accommodate your changes, they will be treated as cancellations, as set out above.

Changes by us to your booking:

We try not to change the details of your booking. But occasionally we might have to make changes. We reserve the right to make changes to your holiday if we need, in which case we will endeavour to offer you the equivalent holiday. We cannot refund any losses that you might incur as a result of these changes.