The Tramuntana Challenge

2013-03-28 12.54.37This is perhaps the hardest route you can do in Mallorca.

2013-03-29 10.52.39It goes right the way along the spine of the Tramuntana mountains, from Andratx in the west to Pollensa in the east, then you loop gently back to Campanet to bring the distance up to 152km. MapMyRide has it as 4713m of ascending—that includes all the little ups and downs; add up the totals of the 10 classified climbs on this route and the total is 2800m. So it’s hard!

A ride this hard is tricky to include in a holiday of a week’s length—when would you do it? Do it at the start and you’d be too wiped out to ride for a couple of days afterwards; do it later in the trip and you won’t be fresh enough to rise to the challenge. To solve this problem, we’re offering the chance to ride the Tramuntana Challenge as part of a three-night stay.

day 1: arrive and short tune-up ride

day 2: easy day, say 80km over the Orient loop

day 3: the Tramuntana Challenge, 150km from Andratx to Pollensa

day 4: fly home

On the Tramuntana Challenge day, we drop you and your bike in Andratx, and you are supported by a follow-car on route.