Sky and Lotto Belisol in Mallorca

20140111_104607Pro teams on training camp seem to be like buses: you wait ages for a pro team to go by, and then two come along at once. Today we were out scouting a walking route, and we were driving to Pollensa and then up to Lluc. We passed Team Sky just before Pollensa Old Town. We didn’t see who was there—or even exactly how many riders there were, such were the number of hangers-on who enjoyed mixing it in the Sky group and chatting to their heroes. My guess is that there were 15-18 Sky riders, with 8-12 fans mixed in.

20140111_104636Just around the corner we caught up with the Lotto Belisol training camp; we overtook them and I got these photos with my phone as they came by us. Just as they approached us, one rider punctured, and we watched the group carry on without him, and then the team car pace him back. He caught back no problem, then the climb started and the group started to split up. We caught them and trailed them up the climb for a while, before pulling in to park. They climbed at 14km/h—brisk but not race pace for a 5-7% climb. We were still milling around the car when they all came down a few minutes later—this must have been a warm-up for them.20140111_110527