To Sa Calobra via Pollenca

2013-03-28 15.36.57The road down to Sa Calobra is one of the wonders of the world: smooth tarmac twisting down a miriad of hairpins as you descend 700m down to the sea; then there’s no way out except back up the way you’ve come! This route isn’t an out-and-back, though, as it begins with a diversion to Pollenca town (not to be confused with Port de Pollenca, the town is a thriving old place, with a maze of streets and interesting shops and cafes). Stop in Pollenca for coffee.

cam-pol-SCHeading west from Pollenca, the route climbs gently at first then harder, up the eastern end of the Tramuntanas so that you come up their north side as you pass the Lluc monastery and the turn south down to Selva, and progress on and up to the turn off to Sa Calobra. Coming back from Sa Calobra, you take that turn down to Selva, and home is just a descent away. Click ‘download’ at the bottom of this page for the gpx file.

Download file: Camp_pol_saCal.gpx