Picture of the day—dawn from the Campanet villa

The season’s been busy, and it’s been a few weeks since our last picture of the day. After a week of cooler, wetter weather, it feels like the best of an English summer here now. There’s evening that special morning light you get in the English summer—early in the morning when it’s still cool, but when you know it’s going to be a scorcher. Here’s the view from the veranda before breakfast this morning (just taken with an iphone):

veranda2With the days being so evocative of July days in England, and because this is our penultimate week of the season, our thoughts are beginning to turn to our return to the UK. Of course, one has to remind oneself that the English weather isn’t beautiful like this yet, so we’re not missing much at the moment. Like our clients all do towards the end of their week, we’re starting to savour every moment here. In fact, despite the promise of the dawn, the days aren’t scorchers here right now: it’s 18-19 degrees today—perfect for riding. Because it’s clear blue sky and windless, our clients are doing Sa Calobra today; I’m sure many other riders on the island are making the same choice! Now the clocks have changed here to summer time, it’ll be light enough to ride until 8pm this evening on a clear day like today.