picture of the day: spring lambs in Mallorca

lamb2I had to pop back to the UK for a few days last week, and upon returning to Mallorca, I was of course very aware of the fact that it wasn’t pouring with rain and/or freezing cold here, but I was also rather overwhelmed by the feeling that I was moving from one season to another— from winter into spring. The spring lambs in Mallorca are being born right now, and are enjoying the flush of grass that has followed the Christmas rain we had. The carob trees in this picture have a freshness to their green. The milkyness to the light in the distance is the air over the sea of the bay of Alcudia, filtering the view across to the Arta mountains. This light gives the feeling of very early morning on an English summer’s day that will become a scorcher (though this was in fact lunchtime).

lamb3The almond blossom is early this year (the winter has been mild here, as it has across western Europe), and is almost fully out before the start of Feb. I’ll try to get some good blossom shots as our picture of the day over the next few days. The yellow spring flowers in the shot below are oxalis.lamb1