Menu del Dia

Cycle Mallorca catering

Like France (where it’s called the plat du jour), Spain has a tradition of restaurants serving a daily meal for ordinary spaniards to lunch on—the menu del dia. Like in that other country with a siesta-culture, Italy, many workers go home for lunch, but those who don’t often pop around the corner to the village square and sit down for three courses and a glass of vino tinto (be careful: red wine is tinto, ‘rosado’ means pink/rose).

Good for workers means great for cyclists: you don’t need to worry about lunch on your ride, because whenever you’re getting a hungry, just head for the church in the nearest village: where there’s the church there’s a square, and where there’s a square there’s cafes that serve a menu del dia. You can sit inside (or outside in the square and guard your bikes), and have quite a feast for 8-12 euro (that’s in the villages, it’ll be more in Palma).