January weather in Mallorca

Campanet viewThe locals say January can be a beautiful month here (better than feb, I fairly regularly hear), and yesterday was a good advert for January weather in Mallorca. It was beautiful here yesterday: 16 degrees even at 200m altitude in Campanet and not a breath of wind. the still air was especially welcome, as Mallorca has been catching the tail end of each of the Atlantic storms that have been smashing the UK and northern France (what for them is a gale is for us a rather blustery day about 24-48 hours later). We sat outside for lunch yesterday, in just t-shirt and short. The south-west facing side of the vill is a sun-trap after about 11 in the morning, and I was too hot!

This picture was taken the day before yesterday (which was a little hazier sun)—just pointing my phone through the window from my desk. Today is misty in the mountains, we can see the green mountains in the distance, but not the rocky ones beyond. But down the hill in Inca, and all across centre of the island was sunny—so our cyclists today chose to ride there and leave the mountains (which are just emerging from the cloud now at 5pm) for another day. That’s a good response to January weather in Mallorca—be a little flexible about when to do a mountain day and you get a beautiful ride.