Happy 3rd of Feb!


Today is a special day for Cycle Mallorca as it’s my father-in-law’s birthday. Whether or not I’m in Mallorca on the day, I always think of what’s going on there on this day of the year. A birthday tradition for him is to go up and see the almond blossom. This pic is taken on the road between Campanet and Selva (towns where two of our villas are located); it’s about 200m above see level and is an almond-growing area. the blossom is good today—sometimes the 3rd of Feb is a little too early for the best of the blossom, but this year, with the mild winter in Mallorca just as in the UK, it’s out in abundance today. The blossom will be out for a while if you fancy hopping over to get that spring feeling; even a trip in mid-March shouldn’t be too late. Unlike California where the almond trees are mostly clones of one parent plant, in Mallorca they grow the old varieties and so the blossom varies in timing and in colour: some pure white, some very pink.