Bedrooms in the Campanet villa

bedroom 1Sleep is important after a day of cycling, and the bedrooms in Campanet are designed and appointed to be comfortable and relaxing places to recover from the day’s adventure and recharge for the pleasures ahead.

bed1 view








Bedroom 1 faces the mountains to the north, and has amazing views from its windows and from its large balcony.







bath view



This view is enjoyed either from out on the balcony, or from the comfort of inside and in the bath!








bed1's bathroom





The ensuite bathroom for bedroom 1 has both this raised bath (for the views) and a shower cubicle. There’s a pair of sinks.





bed 2




Bedroom 2 is the sunniest room in the villa, with windows to the south and west. It has an antique double bed (and is big enough to take a single as well); the balcony is small but floods the room with light.


bed2's bathroom






Bedroom 2 is the second room in the villa to have an ensuite bathroom—with a pair of sinks, loo and shower cubicle. Its windows face to the south and east.