Belgian beer in Mallorca

A few weeks ago we visited the Sencelles market. Sencelles is one of the smaller town markets: three veg stalls (one with wonderful purple carrots), one stall for olive oil,  a handmade-shoe stall and a couple of stalls that seemed to be just villagers flogging off stuff car-boot style. Most notable though was a little stall with a handful of bottles of beer and a keg for serving draft. They were from Toutatis, the first (and I guess only) Belgian beer brewed in Mallorca.

A year or two ago I’d noticed that something was going on in the little farmhouse at Cas Canar, just south of Sencelles, and now it made sense—a bar had opened. It’s going to be a stop for us on days when we ride from Alaro, Selva or Campanet to the climb to Randa monastery. It’s a flat ride home from the beer, don’t worry!

They have a BBQ area, so if you want I could have a grill waiting for you when you roll in!