Lanes south of Inca

view north from Costix MallorcaYou don’t want to be in the hills every day, and this route is a rolling 80km through the little lanes in the centre of the island; you’ll get to see old Mallorca on this ride: little farmsteads with goats; small vineyards, olive groves and almond trees. Look out for the odd pomegranete and fig tree! This is a route that you’d never find without this guide—we’ve gone down several dead-ends and roads that become unpaved to find this route with quiet and charming roads.


gentle cycle route profile mallorca

Look at the profile on the right here and it seems like this is quite a hilly ride, but the scale on the left reveals that it’s gentle rolling day—the only climb that gets ‘classified’ (by MapMyRide) is the last rise into Campanet (and even that’s only category 5!).

Download file: lanes_south_of_Inca.gpx