108km over the top to Deia

Deia village Mallorca

worth a lunch stop

This route takes you to Deia, which is a bit too far West to be reached in a reasonable-lengthed ride from Pollenca, and so not much seen by cyclists coming to Mallorca. But Deia is really a must-see village. The route is long, but it takes advantage of the Cami del Muro to get you home after a long day. Climb through Selva past Caimari to the pass, then turn left to the highest pass below the peak of Puig Major, then down to sea level in Soller. The climb through Deia isn’t negligable (even though it looks small on the profile). Deia is a charming and arty village on a cliff: stop there for lunch and then race down to Santa Maria on straight, wide and slightly downhill roads (maybe even with a tailwind).

Deia route profile

From Santa Maria you can head home along the Cami del Muro til you turn north for Inca; take advantage of passing through Inca for a last coffee stop. Click ‘download’ at the bottom of the page for the gpx file.


Download file: Selva_Luc_Soller_Deia_Valldemossa_epic.gpx